Restaurante Casares

Segovia and the famous roast suckling pig

hornoWelcome to Segovia and Casares Restaurant, we are very pleased to tell yo about the gastronomic miracle made in our city and in our restaurant: Cochinillo Asado or Roast Suckling Pig cooked in a special oven with natural wood. We only cook and offer guaranteed stamped pigs with a highly strict criteria: not heavier than 4-5 kilograms, milk-fed only, not older than three weeks, a special breed and a special menu for the feeding mother. All these things turn to Segovia suckling pig in a worldwide famous delicatessen. That´s why people all over the word come every day to our restaurant to try and enjoy the best traditional tastes and aromas from our region.

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Where We Are

Phone number: +34 921 047 712
Our address: Avenida Padre Claret, 2 – 40001 – Segovia

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